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Musical nuts and necessary drugs

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This series is hysterical--I'm so glad you guys did this and I've never wept so much from laughter. In my opinion, drugs are a necessary part of the Phish experience. I think it's the only way--any sober/straight enjoyment would merely be a superficial sheen of what could be a deeper connection. I went to see Phish in Chapel Hill over 20+ years ago (when they could still play small rooms) while I was tripping acid. I liked them OK before the show but the experience of seeing them live on LSD was unforgettable and profound. (Of course, I could've just stared at a stucco ceiling and been moved.)


I can still listen to the Lawn Boy album and become the extremely zonked young man that I was back then. Can't wait to hear the next episode(s)!


I also think no other band can create tension/release like Phish. Those sonic releases are similar to orgasm and Phish are masters of the musical nut. “Run Like an Antelope” has an extra gooey musical nut starting at 2:51 of the following Youtube clip:



More on musical nuts…share your nuts here:




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