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I just saw a banner ad for a guide to "concealed carrying" of guns. It led to the site usconcealedcarry(dot)net. Here's some of the things on that page: "UNITED STATES CONCEALED CARRY ASSOCIATION

Providing Education, Training and Firearm Liability Insurance to Responsibly Armed Americans Since 2003."


"21 pages of what you MUST know before leaving home with a gun ..." endorsed by NRA Business association,

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I'm not looking to get too far into the political beliefs of fellow Earwolf fans ... but is anyone else uncomfortable having this as an advertisement on the Earwolf page? Has anyone else been seeing this advertisement? I've complained about the pepsi spots on these pages, but I'd gladly take Pepsi over this.

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These are served up by Google, and diligent as we try to be, sometimes some shitty ones might slip through the cracks. I've just blocked the ad you specify here.

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