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Mr Sark's YouTube Gameland Jamboree

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I know there has been reference to this, but this weekend I looked into the non-Nerd Poker life of everyone's favorite DM, and lost most of the weekend to watching literally Laugh Out Loud videos of his past shows but mostly his current gameplay vids.


Mr Sark's YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMrSark


Trouble in Terrorist Town:


Prop Hunt mods (makes the players able to take on the shapes of background objects while seekers try to figure out where they are against the clock... absolutely hilarious, and watching Sark's face.. priceless):

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Sark's youtube keeps me entertained at my lunch break. His Nazi Zombie Army 2 vids made me laugh so hard I cried. Not to mention buy the game.

Well worth a watch!

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