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Real World Ex-Plosion

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Scattered thoughts:


1. Thomas: is deathly afraid of anything that involves even just slightly heightened emotions. He spent the whole episode proclaiming that he doesn't "dill with drama". Probably b/c he has the emotional maturity of a 2 year-old. Also I'm not impressed with his Madonna-whore complex, and apparently he's not just projected it on Jamie but also on Hailey. Not cool, pal.


2. Brian: currently my favorite roommate. Loving his constant attempts at using what he perceives to be "big words". Also loved his reaction to Jenny randomly doing a Cossack dance in a bar by herself in the mid-afternoon. The tank tops he wears says a lot about him.


3. Ariel's girlfriend/ex: Who? Where you at, girl?


4. Jay: STFU about not getting girls' numbers. How many times is he gonna fucking whine about this. I can see why he might want to distance himself from his girlfriend who spells "loser" as "looser" and "Chinese" as "chineas", but still. I loved how a few episodes ago one of the producers busted him on the number-getting after he had gone on and on about how he was devoted to Jenna after his mom died. She was like "how come you're still out trying to get phone numbers in the club" and he was all "..............." I know jack shit about how "the dating/hook up scene" works but is this how people do it nowadays? Grab as many numbers in a bar/club as humanly possible and hope that one sticks? He makes it sound so... normative?


5. Lauren: uh-oh. I'm 50-50 on whether or not she's actually pregnant. Reality show producers love to trump up any and every possible dramatic situation for ratings... and nothing "real" has happened on the RW for like 15 seasons now so this would truly shock me if it were true. Then again, her reaction seemed genuine....


6. Hailey: annoys the shit out of me but it could just be the way they're editing her-- it looks like she's always lurking in the corners of the house and listening in on every conversation between Jamie and Thomas. Meh.


Everyone else bored me this week.

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It is interesting how the producers are playing a more active role in calling out the housemates during their interviews. It seems like they are stirring the pot more than they usually do, which I have mixed feelings about. Part of the Real World that I've always liked is the lack of interference from the producers in the day-to-day goings on in the house so that the housemates and their lives kind of dictated what the narrative would look like. Now that there is a clear overarching narrative coming from the producers in the form of the past relationships contrasting with the new lives the housemates are trying to live, it seems like they have limited their ability to build a strong narrative around individual characters and their personal struggles and growth. This makes every character pretty one-dimensional.


Okay, the exes, especially Hailey and Lauren piss me the fuck off. Their unwillingness to clearly state what the fuck it is that they want from their exes or anyone else makes me want to strangle them.


Thomas' immaturity bothers me and his lack of empathy is worrying.


Brian might genuinely be a nice dude but is way too possessive and needs to back the fuck off. Which is a problem that commonly appears on The Real World and other shows that involve relationships. She's your girlfriend, not your property homie. What is it with people romanticizing the possessiveness that comes from overwhelming insecurity and paranoia?


I think that Jay is probably a really good guy but he has this deep insecurity, probably something to do with his mom, that seems to lead him to do self-destructive things. The number thing is so childish but it is also quite clear that he isn't entirely in control of his compulsion to seek out that attention either. Not that he's taking any action to put a stop to it either, but I feel badly for the guy because he seems like a good dude.

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