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I thought about doing this from the start, and it's better that now the season is over. Also, a couple of members have already began ranking the episodes and making a case for their favorite pilot.


What's your rankings?


1. Travel Bug With August Lindt - The strongest from start to finish. Hardly had a chance to breathe at all during the entire thing. May we be thankfulfor Werner, HR, and Pope Benedict in a round table discussion to give us such gems as "Sarge The Garbage Barge At Large". Plus the final segment with Tallman and Hayes was glorious. Everyone was on their game. Also, German accents galore! OH-LA-LA PAPA!

2. Kiss Me, I'm Patrick McMahon - Hilarious live podcast. PFT blessed this podcast well. We learned about Robot Jesus, how terrible Scott's Irish accent is, how great songs are if you single out a certain human being and embarrass him, and how sponsors lead to terrific limericks. Also a nice moment at the end with Andy and Matt thanking everyone.

3. Wit & Wisdom of the West with Dalton Wilcox - I'm still a huge fan of his pilot after all the other ones that followed. This still holds up. The determination of Wilcox at the beginning was very amusing. He was destined to reach out to his publisher as well as discover what in the world happened to B. Daltons. Plus Conroy destroyed in the poetry slam, and the conversation with the Journeymen were terrific.

4. Eye On Theatre with Don DiMello - Hands down Andy's best episode. He carried the entire thing. Although Zouks had some pretty strong moments.

5. Hail Satan with Chip Gardner - Without the doubt the best title to a pilot. Already got a good laugh from that. I also really enjoyed the names of the games, as well as Chip's Tips and Tip's Chips.

6. Shut Up and Have Fun with Danny Mahoney - Insane yelling from beginning to end. Really high energy and very entertaining. Fireplug has the best game, and Jon Daly killed it.

7. Rockin' and a Rollin' with Wolfman Hot Dog - This one was the one I was looking forward to the most for some odd reason. Hot Dog's got a very hilarious back story. That's why I really enjoyed the first 10-15 minutes or so. I got a little ADD as the episode went on. Still a pretty fun show.

8. Get Fit Now with Bill Carter - Even with Stard delivering an epic theme and Jesse Ventura in the house, this really didn't do anything for me. The opening bit explaining the workout was a good attempt but a bit too exhausting. Superego bit was good though.

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I'm on my phone but I wanted to point out I can already see how people are going to have a huge variance to their favorites. Hopefully I can edit this when I get off work


That said I had a similar mix to yours but I couldn't separate out dalton, august, and patrick for #1.


Dalton - PFT was a perfect city slickin counter to all the country madness.


August Lindt - HR Geiger literally came out of nowhere to me and dominated the podcast with cooking and fear of women. PFT and Besser were in amazing form as well when they chipped in on losing the German accent.


Patrick McMahon - PFT as the Monsignor was perfect with his Irish accent and had a perfect contrast with Scott's Oyrish accent. I wasn't expecting the limerick off at all and the sponsors' limerick sealed the deal for me.


#4 Wolfman Hotdog- holds up after a few more listens. Ahi is a tremendous character and his "nyeoh"s left me dying in laughter.


#5 Bill Carter had some great moments especially with Jesse Ventura but the pacing was somewhat slow.


#6 Don DiMelo was amazing as always but I realized that without a disgusted counter point like Scott, I feel too grossed out. Winkler would've fit that role but she was really womping it up


#7 Hail Satan had too few other characters so I couldn't latch on. I especially liked the other Chip played by Matt I think but he died so quickly. Carol Channing at the end was too weird for me.


Lastly for some reason I couldn't get behind Danny Mahoney. I did like the bit with singing songs but the characters were too similar to me before fake Paula Deen.

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What I love is I have enjoyed so many moments from all the pilots so much that every reason stated for why something ranks a certain way, I just agree with. The only thing I am most sure of is I've re-listened to August's episode the most, because like nathanpierce said, The Travel Bug was the "strongest from start to finish. Hardly had a chance to breathe at all during the entire thing." That episode flows insanely well, and by the point in the show when everyone pulls double-duty to play August's children? Ye gods. SO many good lines. ("He has a penis you can see." "Kevin spoke! Kevin spoke!")


So if we were ranking on a scale of hilarity, flow and consistency, The Travel Bug exceeded my expectations in all three categories.


And as a byproduct, I am SO happy that Hey Really Giger in this episode made so many listeners sit up and take notice of Gourley, leading them to Superego. Superego is one of the most amazing comedy podcasts out there, and is essential listening imo.

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jeez, its hard to rank the, but i'd definitely say Travel Bug with August Lindt was far and away my favorite of the bunch, I've listened to it like a dozen times and it still cracks me up, it's as good as any of the most classic CBB's


Dalton Wilcox is a close second i'd say, and the Don Dimelo one is around there too, mostly because that character just makes me laugh even if he's not saying anything.


the rest are somewhere after that but i love them all

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1. Dalton Wilcox. Started with the best right out of the gate.


2. August Lindt. Very very very funny.


3. Chip Gardner. One reason: Chip's Tips and Tip's Chips!


4. Patrick McMahon


5.Hot Dog


6. Danny Mahoney


7. Don DiMello. This made me realize that DiMello really needs a straight man. It was funny, but if they are ALL awful disgusting people, its a little much.


8. Bill Carter. I don't think the guests meshed well here. Still funny though.

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August Lindt, Dalton Wilcox, and the first segment of Don Dimello are the clear standouts for me. All the other episodes were funny, but those two and a third... jesus, they're outstanding. I still isten to them.

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My criteria:


Did I immediately listen to it again once I finished


Did I shame myself in public by grinning and laughing while walking down the street


Were the supporting guests able to rise (or exceed) Andy's character brilliance


Was it a coherent building narrative


Did the Superego guys crush a song in it


Caveat: The worst one would be my favorite episode of any other podcast




1. Wit & Wisdom of the West with Dalton Wilcox -


- PFT plays an amazing straight man in this one, Giving the whole thing a thesis and conflict , can these icons of the west transform a city slicker.

-The characters were all amazing and actually made sense as a of group of contemporaries that would interact.

-Shockingly, in a podcast with Andy and Paul on their A+ game Bartelby stole the show, his metaphorical assessment of poems and Daltons complete dismissal of them killed every time. The best single podcast I have ever heard (Displacing the Cactus Tony CBB episode)


2. Travel Bug With August Lindt -


- Andy's chance to be straight man and his best character work of all of them. Despite being a bunch of German guys rifing they played so amazingly together that even their throwaway bits crushed (the whole Push the talking trashcan aside).

-The family collapse at the end and PFT breaking repeatedly at August pushing through with podcast despite his life falling apart was a magnificent high point.

- Doolman Schmidelberg and Kevin make a surge for favorite side characters


3. - Kiss Me, I'm Patrick McMahon -


- The whole thing was excellent, but the slanderous songs from the Irishmen along would have guaranteed this third alone.


4. Eye On Theatre with Don DiMello

- Brilliant stuff from everyone, suffers only from this being the most explored character so the beats, while still hilarious, were less surprising. Zouk's falcon was terrifying but I kind of missed him being the straight guy reacting and heightening things.


5. Hail Satan with Chip Gardner -


- I see this as almost a tandem piece with the "Hey Golly" CBB episodes. Tremendous as the most long sketch of all of them and did the most to advance the Dimelloverse mythology.


6. Shut Up and Have Fun with Danny Mahoney

- This one grew on me the most on repeat listen. A lot of the funniest character bits are lost in the argument cross talk so you need a few passes to catch the subtle stuff.


7. Get Fit Now with Bill Carter


- Most ambitious in terms of high concept but dragged a tad in the middle. I am a huge fan of Adomian and his Jesse Ventura but it didn't quite mesh with the tone of the rest of it.


8. Rockin' and a Rollin' with Wolfman Hot Dog

- Very funny, but the character has been exposed enough that his Shanana bit seemed a tad played out. The supporting characters were well executed but a bit too low energy to mesh properly with Hot Dog. Still excellent, but by the impossible standards of the other episodes not quite on the same level.


ps. This podcast made me aware of Matt Gourley as one of the funniest, most versatile, dudes on the internet. I hadn't heard of him before and I've now tracked down all of the superego stuff and started James Bonding.

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ps. This podcast made me aware of Matt Gourley as one of the funniest, most versatile, dudes on the internet. I hadn't heard of him before and I've now tracked down all of the superego stuff and started James Bonding.


My other favorite Gourley performances are as

& Wilhelm Grimm on DeadAuthorsPod. Andy Daly as DeSade on Dead Authors is also hilarious. Is Coy here?
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My rankings:


August Lindt

Don DiMello

Dalton Wilcox

Wolfman Hot Dog

Patrick McMahon


I haven't listened to the others all the way yet - saving them for a rainy day.

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