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It seems clear. Earwolf fans want a Paul Rust podcast

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Oh man, you're right this would be great! You know what I'd love to see? (or rather, hear) I would love a "Don't Stop or We'll Die" podcast. A podcast with Paul, Harris, and Neil. They could just bullshit together, bring on their comedian friends, maybe do some of their "Kiss From Daddy" sketches, and play their songs too. I feel like this would be an amazing variety show. What do you think.

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I think that would be the best show in the world. I've listened to the Don't Stop or We'll Die CBB episode so many times I use it as an lullaby.

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it would be awesome! i literally LEAP WITH JOY when i see that he's on a podcast! and listening to his guest appearances helped me get into earwolf shows that arent comedy bang bang! someone make him do a podcast! i dont care if he's busy with something else!!


edit: i dont wanna start a separate thread for this, but every paul rust fan should be familiar with this ep!



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