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ok i've got some constructive criticism for you but let me start by saying this was really good for a first effort, i watched the whole thing and liked it pretty well, if i didnt i would have just turned it off and not posted anything or made some dumb joke


i think you would gain a lot by having a partner. i dont know if you've seen some of mike nelson's earliest Rifftrax before he got the other guys on board for every movie, but by himself, even with good line readings he could sometimes sound like a guy just reading jokes off a list and trying to cram them in too early which made them sound unnatural. i think your riff has a lot of that and another person would make it sound more natural. if that isnt possible, maybe let a few more lines by at a time to space out the jokes a little, particularly during the credits on each end.


i dont know anything about sound but it seemed like you were maybe too close to the mic? P's were popping pretty hard and you just sounded like right inside my head. fart sounds were especially jarring. this is kind of nit-picky and i dont know what to do about it whatsoever so feel free to disregard it if you can't think of anything either.


the "edgier" material felt a little out of place to the overall tone to me, but that might just be my memories of MST3K/rifftrax speaking


thats all the bad stuff i had to say, so here's the nice stuff!

i think this was a great choice of a show to riff. it was really really dumb but it wasnt boring, and there was room to get a word in. people's love of the MANOS mst3k ep has always baffled me because of how deathly boring the movie was, I can't get through it even though there are funny jokes being made.


you actually sounded like you were riffing most of the time, and you did a great job on the jokes where you were sort of acting something out or doing a line in someone's voice. some of the funniest moments came more from you saying something a funny way. the few amateur attempts at this i've seen before have all suffered from sounding like a guy reading from a sheet of paper, and that was very rarely the case in your riff. like i said a little earlier, having someone else to bounce jokes off of or giving the lines a little more room to breath could take care of this completely.


here's my favorite bits. thats not to say that there werent other funny jokes. I thought it was very joke-dense and overall good. I could do without the puns but I know some other people enjoy them so pretend i never said anything or i could hit backspace a few times but nah~

"2 first names as 2 other first names" was a good joke

"you were there and you were there" - another stand-out

"uh I did actually"

mentioning boudouir pictures will always make me laugh

"mein kampf" was a good joke

"cloud nine"

i hope you can make out what I mean with those tiny descriptions, I dont want to spoil them for anybody so I'm leaving it vague.


anyway i hope all these words were helpful to you!

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Thanks for the response man. I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to watch the entire thing! I'm also happy to hear it didn't sound too stiff.


I'm definitely on the same page with you about Manos. It's a lot of people's favorite but I always found it too sparse and boring. I tried to find something dumb, but enjoyable enough to stand alone.


Regarding the criticism:


1. I totally agree that having another person would improve things. My main concern was that my voice alone would be grating after a while. One of my friends is into MST3K/comedy but he couldn't help out. So for the sake of time I went ahead alone. Hopefully I can get him to do the next one. I may have over saturated the riffing a bit, but my goal was to hit an average of 5 per minute.


2. The hard Ps were also something I was worried about. I wasn't using a windscreen on the mic when I was recording (dumb). Then I amplified the sound more when I mixed the audio with the movie, so that lead to a bit more distortion. That should be taken care of for the next one.


3. Just curious, but what would you consider the 'edgier' stuff? I almost took out the Mein Kampf one, but I liked it too much to throw it away.





I'm going to start writing a new one in the next week or so, so I'll definitely try and refine things a bit more. I was literally learning as I went with this one.

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hmm, i should have made more specific notes for you on that one, i cant remember what i meant tbh, sorry about that

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Bump for a new riff!


My American Cousin is a 1985 Canadian movie about a 12 year old Canadian girl in the '50s. Things get wild when her American cousin shows up for the summer! See the uncontrollable urges in action, passing references to Elvis to remind you it's the '50s, and a handsome American cousin with a Canadian accent!






Sound should be better this time around, since I was working with .aiff instead of .mp3 and a better windscreen... And by better, I mean a windscreen. The joke density is lessened considerably from the Northstar riff. I still went solo on this one, but production values will be much more interesting in the coming riffs.

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I know you were all worried about the podcast not dropping already. I've gotten a whole 0 calls/texts/messages about it!


This is a 'missing episode' of our podcast, recorded in 1999! We were in the 5th grade. Hear about one of Cale's favorite foods, Evan's foot model girlfriend with a mysteriously vague foot-past, and some brilliantly laid out money making plans for the late 00's. (This episode is being released due to high amounts of dramatic irony.)


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We discuss Something Wilder, episode 114 'Hanging With Mr. Cooper'. Gene Wilder is in the advertising game and Alice Cooper is his new neighbor!


Also hear about Cale's former friendships with Jesus and the Abominable Snowman, Evan's dream TV show, and an impromptu singing of the Smart Guy theme song.


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Podcast episode 9 is out!


In this episode Cale and Evan discuss Hang Time, episode 301 'Team Captain'. Michael arrives at the school and threatens to take the team captain spot from Julie!


Also hear what character from Parks and Rec Cale relates to, what Evan once called his wife, and what it's like to be a man in today's society.


Share the link, download the free mp3 in the video description. HANG OUT.


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Sorry for the random week off. New episode!


In this episode Cale and Evan discuss Hey Dude, episode 509 'Crush'. Buddy falls for Melody (Christine Taylor), Mr. Ernst cleans the ranch, and Brad and Ted have a dirty man bet.


Also hear Cale's prom tips for millennials, Evan's sordid pals in the horse business, and some comments on ebola.


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