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Seems like a topic for County...




Grocery store security footage reveals a Florida woman walking proudly through the aisles, wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt Winnie the Pooh-style, swiping some Franzia, and heading back out the door. According to one HLN reporter, "The store manager tried to stop her, but she refused to surrender the wine.

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Diapers get on bad side of attacker

A Tarpon Springs man found trouble recently when he attacked the diaper aisle at a local Walmart.

Tarpon Springs police said Jeffrey Michael Pepin, 44, went into the Walmart at 41232 U.S. 19 N on July 26 and began ripping diapers.

Pepin did not discriminate based on age, destroying both infant and adult diapers, police said in an arrest report.

An officer wrote: "The defendant was observed on video in the adult and infant diaper sections of the store ripping open sealed bag of diapers. He was observed removing diapers from their bags and throwing the individual diapers back on the shelves."

In all, Pepin opened 28 packages of diapers, causing $342 in product damage.

When police arrested Pepin, he gave them an explanation: "Post Miranda the defendant admitted being in (the) store shopping for diapers for a dog in heat," an officer wrote in a report.

Of course.

Pepin was arrested on a criminal mischief charge



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Since New Years Eve, Pinellas County Florida (where I live) a man chopped his mother's head off, and another man tossed his 5 year old daughter off a bridge to her death.

We're lucky to hear the funny tales on Sklarboro, but most of the stories are tragic. Florida is a hot shitbox of human agony.

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I think if you use the hashtag #DVKCounty, Dan will see it. And you're right, a lot of sad news coming out of Florida these days. Thankfully we stick to the tales of criminal mischief rather than real malice.

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