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Top 5 New Irish Talents for 2014

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Long time Chartist, first time ... suggester? Heck of a lot of relatively unknown talent on this great emerald isle. This is my top 5 and I would not be surprised if you start to see one or two popping up in your regular charts soon so I thought the great Wee-Wee and the beautiful Kuku would appreciate the heads up!




5. Future Phantoms - Until I See The Sun http://youtu.be/0f81wVgnHVA

4. Half Of Me - Cornelia

3. Otherkin - '89 http://youtu.be/8oEMmY3TMYk

2. Gavin James - Lucky http://youtu.be/0f81wVgnHVA

1. Raglans - Diggin Holes


P.S I would like to thank Howie for his inspired segmented approach to heavy hitting cinema. It has cured my falling asleep just as it begins to get interesting.

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