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Episode 31 — Dave Thomas, Our Close Friend

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hmm the best "Carry yo keys" songs are


Elvis - Cant Help Falling in Love

The Doors - Touch Me

Hall & Oates - Rich Girl

Then I do the whole Bright Eyes discography.

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i'm doing karaoke later and i'm looking for song suggestions.



Hmm let me think for a sec. Damn it's actually hard to remember my staples when put on the spot like this. I'll toss out a few suggs (suggestions).


Solange - Losing You

Solange - Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work

Solange - Locked in Closets

Solange - Lovers in the Parking Lot

Solange - Don't Let Me Down

Solange - Look Good with Trouble

Solange - Bad Girls

Solange - God Given Name

Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter

Solange - T.O.N.Y.

Solange - Dancing in the Dark

Solange - Would've Been the One

Solange - Sandcastle Disco

Solange - I Decided, Part 1

Solange - Valentine's Day

Solange - 6 O'clock Blues

Solange - Ode to Marvin

Solange - I Told You So

Solange - Cosmic Journey

Solange - This Bird

Solange - I Decided, Part 2


Haha she's in the news.

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I can't do it...


I can't read all of this before Midnight.


I feel like that song "love on a real train" is playing from Risky Business while I scramble to scroll through what is now intense archival research known as the hollywood hanbook forums.


Does anyone get this much forum love? Frills dawg?


I'm pulling an all nighter at work to get an Annual Report done for an "art museum" that may or may not be called the "cincinnati art museum" and I thought I might take a break to read forums, but there's just too much... it's just too sexy / scary...


it's just...


(I've been in this position many times before and I can tell you with experience that the new ep does not come at midnight. You have to wait for that shit. I don't actually know when it drops, but I know It's not at the drop of the new day or whatever.

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If you're on that central time tip it drops round 2am. Eargolf reps the best coast moast hard yalll

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its daunting i know burd but sometimes the hardest things are the things that are worth it the most

if you powere thru these posts i give you a 100% money back guarantee that you will like what you see

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PACIFIC time? lol do u foolish ppl post these things from the OCEAM or something? i know mr aukerman likes to talk about international waters but this is for the birds

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oh god someone else post something quick before that dumb timezone joke is the last thing said this week

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greggy I got you. sprintin to the corner. double dribble! pump fake, step back, ALLL AAAAIIIIRR!

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still working.


hating my life.


still no ep. but it's cool cause i'm that special kind of slap happy tired / drunk


making tables of financial figures has never looked so fun.


Here in Negraska or Oklahoma or wherever.

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Listening to this ep tonight. What a treat! Let us remember that a Skellington is INFINITELY more scary than a skeleton.


Oh and what a treat it is to be reminded of this ep! Let us not forget all the treasures to be found in previous eps! I'm off to bump the Pauly Shore ep thread!!

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