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Thrilling Adventure Hour missing episodes

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Hey everyone,


I know Thrilling Adventure Hour isn't an Earwolf show, but I got turned onto it via the CBB episode. I started at the beginning and am way, way hooked. Anyone know what is up with the missing episodes? The feed skips from 38.2 to 42. Are they available anywhere?


Oops, not sure how the double post happened, and I don't see how to delete it.

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I noticed that too, I don't know where they are but it may have to do with audio issues. Alternatively those episodes could have been lost somehow since the podcast started when they moved to Largo and that was a while ago now.


Your best bet would probably be to email someone at Nerdist like a contact link or the magnificent Katie Levine if you can. I doubt she does all of the archiving personally, but she's head engineer over there and she may know what the deal is.

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I found an episode list that includes the missing ones, and it looks like the only thing of note that's missing is the second half of one of the Hollywood noir storylines. I don't really like those anyway, so no big loss.

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