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New Studio, better bathrooms but no windows.

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Hello Earwolves,

I have enjoyed your transition to the new studio. Howard Kremer did a fun remote walk through! But it is the improved bathroom talk that really floats my boat. The Scott's of U talkin' U2 to me!? have taught me about letting it mellow and it has been a great ride.


That said.. no window! Bummer time. So be expecting in the mail a gift of a fake window decal to help brighten up the new digs!


I am concerned that this may effect the Comedy Bing Bong weather report for it may fool Scott into thinking these are the actual present conditions. I apologize to Scott and the listeners that depend on CBB for your weekly weather report!

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I hope that the Earwolf crew got the fake window decal to brighten there day, it's says it was delivered. Because you know what Earwolf... you deliver!

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