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jesus christ...opher

read...very long

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"Oh dearest mother" said Timothy as he gazed upon his mother's brittle face, "oh how long you have cared for me my beloved mummy, through you I entered this world and became a professional wrestling villain, oh how I wish I could Instagram your beautiful face haha it is however 1995 and I am going to fight now, good by mother" he stood up and stared at this opponentnstanding 6 foot small there he was Roderick George Toombs also known as "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, with one glance Timothy looked at his unlucky opponent and thought only of his mother. Timothy had always been the unlikely hero, ever since his dad committed suicide at that baseball game that time after making a humourus observation about the peanut boys which went amiss as no one, but Timothy laughed. Timothy was angry he stared at not his father's killer and once again thought of his mother, he felt enraged, stared directly in the eyes of his opponent and uttered the words all had been waiting for..."what's up hotrod?"

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