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Epsiode 300 Predictions

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There are just nine more episode until the fabled episode 300, the episode that is likely to be the resolution to Scott and Jason's foray into the afterlife. I think the episode won't just be Daly's characters battling over good and evil, but ALL CHARACTERS THAT HAVE EVER BEEN ON COMEDY BANG BANG. I mean, maybe not all, but they've got to be getting the whole gang together, if they were in fact able to plan it out that far in advance. Here are my predictions for who's going to be involved in the good vs. evil fight. Feel free to add any I may have missed, I haven't listened to every single episode.






Dalton Wilcox

Bill Carter

August Lindt

Danny Mahoney

Hot Dog

Patrick McMahon

Clive Dundee

Jesse Ventura

Huell Howser

Paul Giamatti

Philip Seymour Hoffman

George Zimmer

El Chupacabra

Bobby Bottleservice

Fabrice Fabrice

Toph Shay



Lord ALW

Garry Marshall

Cake Boss

John C. Reilly

Mike the Janitor

Richard Harrow’s Ghost

Alan Thicke

JW Stillwater

Len Wiseman

Pope Benedict XVI


Kanye East

Hooch the Mooch

Mattilda Besserina Smith

Barry R

Bill Cosby-Bukowski


The Bachelor Brothers

Bob Ducca

J. Montgomery Scott

Frank Stallone

Marissa Wompler

Miss Listler

Eric Gutterman

Traci Rearden



Shelly Driftwood

Joe France’s

Coco Marx

Barzelona MAriott

L’il Gary

Jennifer Tilly

Liza Minnelli


Mike Birbiglia (It’s been proven he is capable of surviving self-inflicted defenestration)

Don Dimello

Chip Gardner

Cactus Tony

Andi Callahan

Gordon Ramsey

Christopher Hitchens

Merrill Shindler (There’s not really a reason, I think of him as someone who can turn evil)

Gary Busey

Tom Leykis

Sheriff of Nottingham

Pat Buchanan

Russell Crowe

George W. Bush

Werner Herzog

H.R. Giger

Mark Zuckerberg


Fred Phelps

Billy Crystal

Scott Jeffries

Mizz Chips


Ghost Boy

Messmore Lebaron

Bueford Lebaron


Michael Jackson

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I'll be honest, I sort of hope they don't go that route. The last episode with that trio was great and I think it was actually perfect as a one-off (even with the To Be Continued ending). I don't really have a huge desire to see a direct continuation, especially since Jason has been on since then and they kind of laughed off being dead.


However, I love the idea of Andy and Jason being the guests for episode 300 with Andy as a new character.

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I hope it's a continuation of the golly episode. I thought a second part was going to air the following week and was so disappointed when it didn't. There has been a bunch of episodes where they talk about stuff not being canon, so I don't see why they can't say the same thing with this episode. There were some of Andy's characters that weren't used yet, so I would love if they would show up as part of the story. I want the nurse to return!

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