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Applied Nostalgia - SoWellRed Podcast

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Hey everybody, I figured I'd start a thread to share my new podcast. The basic premise is as follows.


1. We take suggestions for a show to watch (any show, as long as it's older than 9/11/2001).


2. We then get on mic and talk about it. We deconstruct the plot/premise and go on tangents about what the show means.


Think of it as a sort of hybrid between Hollywood Handbook and Go Bayside. We change the show up each week.


It's short, only about 27 minutes long. We'll hopefully do one every week or two and I'll keep linking them here if there's any interest.


Here's the premiere episode where we discuss two classic episodes of Pokemon:




Tweet suggestions for shows and episodes to @SoWellRed


If we choose your show we'll give you a shout out on the intro.

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