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Wesley Snipes horror western. I shouldn't need to say any more but I will anyway. Completely incoherent, relentlessly awkward, and purely ridiculous. They were making it smack dab in the middle of Mr. Snipes tax issues and was subsequently delayed eight years!




Here's a nice critic quote from that page


"Scott Weinberg of Fearnet wrote, "It would take a team of veteran film critics working around the clock to catalog all the things that are wrong with this outrageously goofy movie [...] GallowWalkers is funnier by accident than Adam Sandler is on purpose"


I love you guys, I'm desperately addicted to this podcast, and I would love to hear what you think about this happy accident of IRS investigation and development hell.

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It's a zombie western starring Wesley snipes. It's basically a worse version of Blade with zombies instead of vampires. It's on Netflix. It's surely one of Wesley snipes "I need money for back-taxes" movies. gallowwalkers.JPG

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