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Episode 48 — Nature of Identity

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In Episode 20 of Season 3, Michael, Michael, and special guest Nev Schulman get to know themselves in a whole new way as they explore the topic of identity. What did Nev learn about the nature of identity from his experience with the film Catfish? What is identity? Why do we post pictures of our butt hole on social media websites? Aren’t we all afraid of being rejected? Tune in as Michael, Michael, and Nev unpack the topic of identity and learn a few things about themselves along the way.

“Topics” features original music by Dan Deacon.

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Is there actually going to be a Topic-con in the Pine Barrens? I'm reasonably certain it was a joke, but it is definitely not a joke that I would attend and absorb every minute of such a Vital, Important social/intellectual function. It's the obvious next evolutionary step for Michael & Michael and the Topics Community.


Any study groups in central Connecticut want to carpool?

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