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Comedy Bang Bang characters ranked in terms of fighting game tiers

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So for most fighting video games, people have these horribly nerdy message board fights where they try to rank everyone in tiers. Look up Marvel vs. Capcom 2 or Smash Brothers and you will quickly understand. or not.


Anyways, I thought it would be fun to try to come to a consensus on what the tiers were for the different characters that have appeared on the show. So it would be like:


God Tier:

Jesse Ventura

Don Dimello


High Tier

Buddy Velastro

Traci Reardon

Cyber Thug


Medium Tier



Low Tier

Sappity Tappity

Caine Sherman of the Historical Society



At first this was supposed to be a celebration of the people that are great at it (Ventura is Sentinel) but I'm scared it's just going to end up being mean (Sappity Tappity is servebot).


Does this make sense? I'm kind of bored

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Bob Ducca definitely belongs in God Tier.


along with the first list Bob read ("Scabies, Rabies... Mickey Rooney's Sugar Babies"), I think the most I've ever laughed at a character is probably Joe Wengert's Authur Steinborn... he was on the episode Repeat Your Keyword with Tim Heidecker and Lauren Lapkus. I'm sure it might be forgettable to some, but I believe it was his first time on the show and it blew my mind how he made something so simple and repetitive so hilarious.

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I love Bob Ducca but he is just a direct rip off of this (@ 55 seconds)


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wow, I haven't seen What About Bob since I was a kid... I used to watch it all the time. there's no denying parts of that scene are a dead-ringer for Bob Ducca, as I'm sure this movie and Bill Murray characters in general were a considerable influence... but as far as building an entire character around a being a hypochondriac, I don't think anyone has done it better than Seth Morris.




just a side note, I find it pretty interesting that in the 90's you could say "shit eating son of a bitch" and "douchebag" in a PG movie...

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bobby b, billcos-buk, huell howser (pft & ja), the oscars billy crystal, whompler; all gods

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