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Todd Glass #209

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Join guest host Paul Sheer as he and Todd Glass discuss Todd’s comedic career. Todd chats about his teenage self opening for the legendary Patti LaBelle, genuinely enjoying his time on a reality series, and how his fellow comic friends felt the need to do bits while he was experiencing a heart attack.

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What a lovely treat! Paul did a great job filling in, and I will always love Todd unconditionally.


Here's a video of him on that Evening At The Improv show (all of them are on Hulu in their entirety if you ever feel like a nice comedy flashback)




I know Todd was joking that he looked 40 his whole life, but I think he looks like a widdle baby in that clip

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I'm a big fan of both Paul and Todd, but never heard them interact before. I'm glad they got along well (not like I expected fistfights or anything), and the show was a lot of fun.


Todd is such a great podcast guest because he's so passionate about his beliefs and opinions. I feel like I could hear him talk about his favorite pizza toppings, and I would be riveted.

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