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Improv fans! Please have a look at this Improv movie!

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Fans of I4H!

I am a long-time fan from the UK and I have proudly produced (independently and with zero budjet) a completely improvised movie. I honestly believe Besser and I4H has had a direct influence on me and my improv development from across the Atlantic and this is why I post this shameless promotion here.

This movie was completely devised, organised and improvised at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013 in under a week! It really shows the strength of story improv can have and of course features some insanely loveable and creepily weird characters.

Featuring comedians like Reginald D Hunter, Stephen K Amos and Mick Ferry and many more.

The movie is about a lowly flyerer who just wants to get rid of his flyers! However, he mainly eats shit from every direction possible. It simultaneously celebrates and pokes fun at improv and is a laugh riot!


The trailer, stills and more info are available at the following links.


Facebook page: www.facebook.com/improvthemovie

Twitter: @improvthemovie



If you are a fan of improv and want to see it flourish, please check it out, like it and spread the word! I obviously hope to get funding for future projects from this.

I really feel like improv is sadly not popular enough in the UK and perhaps my American friends will appreciate it properly and help boost it over here.


Many thanks humans!

Talal K

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I hope it's ok to post this here, but I am a human just trying to connect with more humans!

I4H foreverrrrrr!!!!!XXXX

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