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Ok guys..Zookeeper... really? HDTGM?

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At the top of the list of movies this podcast needs to do is.... Zookeeper.


Good lord is this a terrrrible movie. What an utter abomination. Kevin James is the essence of stupidity in movies. Intentionally a dumb character? it doesn't matter. The movie HAD to of been written by a 4 year old with a made up adult name. There's no way in the 7 layers of hell that an adult with a functioning brain could have written this.


Kevin James, boy you really outdid yourself with this 1, and not just him there is a slew of actors in this movie that are notorious for having awful films.


Still it boggles my mind how incredibly senseless and embarrassing this i movie is. So much that i have to dedicate an entire thread to it.

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