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ill Neal


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first of all, this is old. i completely forgot about this. i want to say it's from february.


so back in "february" i met some friends at a bar on cherokee st. in st louis, one of those hip artist neighborhoods that is about 18 months out of the start of proper gentrification. we were at this bar called "the whiskey ring". a bar so cool they didn't even have PBR, just tecate and whiskey.


it was in this bar that i saw, in the corner near a broken-down CD jukebox, this glorious oil painting of fucking STALLONE AS COBRA.


i immeidately thought of BP and his affinity for that film based on the "how did this get made?" episode he guest starred in. so i had my friend take a picture of me with it.


i don't know who in their right mind painted an oil-on-canvas recreation of the COBRA DVD box art, but i salute them. and i salute the whiskey ring for having this on display.


seriously, it's nothing but olde-tyme photos of st louis during prohibition, and COBRA.


i may repost this in the HDTGM/"Cobra" episode forum.



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