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This Chevy Chase & Jonathan Taylor Thomas film from 1995, which sports a 14% on Rotten Tomatoes and features the review blurb, "Only the smoldering sexual tension between Chevy Chase and George Wendt keeps Man of the House from being a complete waste of time," is a decent pick for HDTGM.


The trailer is here and entire movie is free on Youtube. I would link to that, but when movies are linked to this forum they tend to get taken down right quick.




I remembered it because of this thread: http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/18669-this-is-hilarious/


Wherein Amazon Instant basically predicted it to be the next movie they're going to do based on the movies they've already done.


It's a movie about how JTT's dad bangs his secretary and leaves his mom for her. Then JTT's mom starts dating, but JTT hates all men for what his dad did and drives all the suitors away. Enter Chevy Chase in arguably the worst role of his career which is saying a lot; he's a stale, boring dork who is trying to sleep with JTT's mom (Farrah Fawcett). Chevy Chase is a lawyer and while all this is going on, a mobster threatens to murder him for putting him in jail.


It's even odder because if I remember, he acts like a prosecutor in court but acts as if he's a regular criminal lawyer when he's not in court. I think he's even a partner in a firm. I haven't seen it in awhile but it bothered me at the time when I was half watching it while playing Game Gear. It was a favorite of my sister. Anyways, JTT gets him to join a father-son bonding group of white people acting like Indians lead by Geroge Wendt, on the actually sound logic that it is so lame that it would drive Chevy Chase away. Mobsters then end up attacking on their retreat...it's a convoluted movie with a ton of random stuff going on at all times.


Also, there is a 2005 movie of the same name starring Tommy Lee Jones that looks even worse (9% on RT). I say both movies should be discussed in this thread as homage to the 1995 one which is all over the place and has almost no cohesion whatsoever.

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I can see this one being a decent pick. I haven't seen this in ages. Wasn't great. I've seen worse. It is better than Bushwhacked with Daniel Stern.

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I recall watching this quite a bit as a kid, but damn if I could tell you anything about it other than "Chevy Chase was in it and there was some sort of weird hybrid of Boy Scouts and Native American something-or-other campouts."


The only thing I can recall about the plot of the other "Man of the House" is that it's basically Tommy Lee Jones protecting a sorority, or a house of cheerleaders, or something--basically a house full of young, pretty women. It seemed like an excuse for Tommy Lee Jones to be paid for being surrounded by pretty girls. I mainly recall that it was a flop around the same time "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" was turning into a surprise hit, mystifying box office analysts; Stephen King (in his Entertainment Weekly column) accurately pointed out that "Diary" was serving an audience that Hollywood usually ignored, while "Man of the House" looked like something people had seen a hundred times before.

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