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Episode 58 — Dave King, Steve Hely, and Kevin Etten, Our Close Friends

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You guys, I'm currently in a house owned by a person who has a television and just stumbled on my new fave show; 90 Day Fiancé on TLC. I'm all WUUUUUT!!! Anyone else see this show? Sheeeeeeit! It's so good. Hoping this message reaches the ol' diehard RSS posters of yesteryear...

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what do they do, rush people who have been engaged a long time?

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Only reality show I watch is Survivor-mans. I truly wish the boyz would put out a couple eppies of RSS just to talk about how insane this season has been. And how one of the contestants looks exactly like one of the mountain-trolls from The Hobbit. Like literally there's no difference.

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Corpsefucker Shitlord,


Is your name corpsefucker or shitlord?

I.) Is corpsefucker some kind of aristocratic title?

II.) is shitlord an aristocratic title or a descriptor of the quality of your service in the House of Lords?

III.) if you are indeed a member of the House of Lords and just shit at it are you a life peer, a hereditary peer, or a lord spiritual (ie a bishop)?

IV.) Would you prefer we call you Corpsefucker Shitlord, Duke/Earl/Viscount/Baron/Bishop of X?

V.) in case you are a member of the Royal family should we add HRH before your name so that it appears HRH Corpsefucker Shitlord Duke/Earl/Viscont/Baron/Bishop of X?

VI.) if you're also a bishop and a member of the Royal family would you prefer to be called HRH the Rt. Reverend Most Honourable Corpsefucker Shitlord Bishop of X?


Just curious.

i'm normal

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