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Episode 56 — People With Impossible Superpowers

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What if Tony Stark built humanitarian robots out of super cheap materials and not a weaponized fleet of mech suits? What if someone could run as far and as infinitely as Barry Allen but at a more human speed? What if you found out that an American president reached power using Charles Xavier-like powers of persuasion. It sounds like a made up version of the Marvel extended universe -- yes, the Flash is a DC property, but just go with it -- but these are actual, recorded talents that you NEVER hear about.


Recorded at the Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles, Cracked Podcast co-hosts Jack O'Brien and Michael Swaim are joined by Soren Bowie, Adam Tod Brown, Tom Reimann, Dan O'Brien, and Alex Schmidt for a panel about insane real-life powers the world should know more about, then take questions from the audience.

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okay so I'm behind and catching up on my podcasts. Still though, this was hilarious. There was tons I knew of beforehand (like you said, Stan Lee has that Superheroes show on History that I caught a few episodes of before I realized History Channel is terrible and stopped watching it), but it was still fun when filtered through you guys. The little tangent about the running guy? "He should be committing crimes!" - I was cracking up!




Great ep!

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okay so I'm behind and catching up on my podcasts.



me too! Cracked was one of the shows I had neglected for a couple of weeks so I was catching up today.


One of the things I love about this show is how you have the footnotes at the end and at least try to make sure your info is correct. I'm glad you called bullshit on the monkey story guy, when I heard it I was rolling my eyes so hard I almost tipped over. It's a nice story and I'm all for shining a light on the horrors of animal testing but it seemed so convenient in that way that so many apocryphal stories are. anyway, great ep, I'm gonna go look up that deaf hearing vest and learn so more about it, so cool!

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