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Nicolas Cage giving the people what they want.



I didn't notice tell the second watching but this trailer has got the same scene with cage laughing over and over agian.it plays three times. at first watching I didn't even think this was a real movie tell I looked it up on imdb.


I got a bad feeling we are going to see Nicolas cages castle in this. lets use my castle as a tax write off.

Two jedi masters in one movie how could you lose.




I love the poster, in 3d is the Wa-lah touch, it needed.


but director we didn't shot this in 3d?


They will not notice, just make it soo!

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Bravo job well done!



i watched this movie and it was beyond bad..


Hayden Christensen has still got it, and when I say got it I mean he's a terrible terrible actor. he hasn't much improved from his starwars days.


as for Nick cage, this hands down has to be the worst movie he's ever been in. this film feels on the level of Uwe boll directed it. his name is on the poster yet he's only in the film for like what feels like a days worth of work. most of his scenes are shot in a dark cave so he could of just filmed it in his basement or so it feels like it.


I wish I could find the dvd poster art it's a work of art. mind you i really wish the film was better but it sucked balls so bad i found myself fast forwarding a lot during the film.


anyone who knows me, knows i love Nicolas Cage movies. his acting is on level of Hayden Christensen's acting is. That's not a good thing and it makes "Left Behind" look like a great movie.


I knew this was going to be a bad movie but not this level of bad. I still have hope for mr cage, as he's making a National Treasure 3.


There is the poster I was talking about.



does that get your expectations too high?

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This film is on Netflix Instant in the US

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I hate myself, so I just watched this. It wasn't so bad that I couldn't watch it in one sitting. Hayden Christensen is far from the worst actor in the movie. The accents are all over the place in this movie. There's a pretty bonkers scene where Nic Cage is walking around holding snakes threatening to use them as weapons. I like to think he improvised that.


Watching it in 3d, a luxury I didn't have, probably improves the writing, acting, and directing of the film.

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They couldn't have made this movie anymore confusing if it was completely in Chinese. I think they assumed we all already know the back story for some reason. Cage and Christensen are in more garbage than Oscar the Grouch, and this is what happens when they're in the same movie.

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The dialogue sounds like it was written by someone from North Korea' s Ministry of Propaganda.

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