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New Podcast From TV Executive Producers

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On top of all the comedy podcasts I listen to, I also like ones that go behind the scenes of the entertainment industry, as I work in television. Has anyone heard of The Jay & Tony Show Show? I think it's a small podcast where the two hosts tell a lot of funny anecdotes about celebrities and behind-the-scenes info on shows.


I'm enjoying it so far, so I thought I'd share and see if anyone else has also heard of it?



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Sounds interesting. But I hate Apple, and therefore, don't use iTunes. Can't seem to find a link to a normal feed or normal podcast downloads on their site when I Google it. Just goes straight to iTunes :'(


That's a shame. Sounded interesting.

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This podcast URL extractor can be used to get the raw podcast feed from an iTunes link.


I don't know if I've ever told you this before Dan Engler, but, I LOVE YOU.

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Here's an interview with an EP of late night talk shows. Lots of great showbiz stories.


We talk about dealing with Bill Cosby after the scandal broke. We had him booked for Queen Latifah already when Hannibal buress rant and the first accuser broke. We talk about Talking to him on the phone and how crazy he was. (46:23)

Also - Todd was got a job on the Tonight show with Jay Leno by cold calling Hellen Kushnick, Leno's the notorious manager. (top of show)

iTunes link:


webpage link:




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