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Does Nerd Poker change from early to later podcasts?

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I was really sad when Sark left his DMing has inspired me to DM myself. For that matter Jerry and Sara's departures were sad aswell. I won't lie Blaine's style took awhile to get used to after almost 75 episodes of Sark, but I've come to like both styles. Blains more casual kinda of jump in there thing, works great for a short game session, and Stark's for when you have an afternoon to enjoy some real interactive story telling.


But to come on here and just blast a wall of text explaining how stupid this show is , is the hight of trollishness... 2 Inspiration points for good roleplay. Everyone plays DnD differently that's the beauty of it.

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Let me preface this by saying that I LOVE Nerd Poker w/BP & F. I cannot wait for each Wednesday morning to download them and listen to them on the way in to work. While they are always a comedy hit, the D&D aspect of it is seriously lacking in recent times. It feels like they are bored out of their minds with the constant fighting. While the PCs have resorted to just slaughtering everything in sight, can you blame them? I mean any time they do try to stop and initiate a new dialogue with some giant or another, it ends in failure and them getting attacked or killed. It's not like they haven't tried. Several cases they have tried to make conversation and it has just blown up in their faces. I have listened to the original Sark campaign twice, and have just gone back to revisit it again, this latest listening being the first time since Blaine (who I love as a comedian and as Blackie Green!!!) has taken over as DM for a considerable amount of time. It is getting painfully monotonous to listen to as a D&D themed podcast.


I really think the way to rejuvenate the podcast is to actually have Dan take the reigns as the DM and start a new campaign putting Blaine back in as a PC. Dan seems to be the only one with a really deep knowledge of the content and the focus to get the rest of the group invested in playing again. Dan also has the chops to pull off a HUGE assortment of NPCs filled with personality and quirks. I mean, hell, do it with the new simplified 5e rules that are meant to be played much looser and "Theater of the Mind Running Narrative Combat". I think this would be a great refresh, allowing the others to be funny, fall in love with new characters like they did with Blackie, Damien Darkomen, Sir Richard, etc...


If it would help at all, I would volunteer to purchase a set of the core books for the group. The entire rule set is posted online so it's not like they all would need to purchase the books. I am sure most if not all of them have either a smartphone, laptop or tablet of some sort to have them on hand if need be.

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