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What is Provrock?

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Whar is "provrock"? I created a genre of live rock music to create a new experience on stage for the audience everytime. A song will be 2/3rds complete. The other 1/3 will be completely improvised. It can be comedy or serious, or just vocal notes (like skat). The only catch is it's music and words, it's not t just a jamband or jazz thing. There has to be a newly improv part that ht the audience hasnt heard verbatim before.


Why does this need to exist? It's an artist proving ground. Much like a rap battle from back in the day. Except this is with rock. This is to challenge bands and artists to tbink on thier feet. It also shows that there's no corporate puppeteer pulling the artist's strings. They are completely free to express themselves. This is the new indie, new alternative. Get on board now.




Here's a sample of my improv:

The Miracle of Birth - Gittyhorse - http://youtu.be/2v1FJQxJ6es

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