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Looking for some pointers

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So I'm starting a comedy podcast soon and a couple of weeks ago I recorded a practice session with a friend of mine but we both listened to it and the audio quality is pretty low. I've recorded other stuff with one of these mics before and it sounded a little bit better than this, but for the practice sesh we were in a smaller room and there were more hard surfaces which i've heard is not the best for recording.

I was just seeing if anybody would be willing to listen to a little bit of it and give me some pointers on how to get better sound. I'm not sure if it's the mic quality, the recording environment, the settings in my audiobox, or some other factors.

If anybody is willing to do this I would really appreciate it. Just DM me with an email I can send it to and I'll get it to you asap. Thanks!

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Hey Andrew.


A few questions to help you out.


What exact microphones are you using?

Do you each have your own mics or are you sharing one?

What kind of input does the microphone have?

Are you using a mixer or audio interface to record into your computer? If so, what kind?

What quality are you recording your audio at? 24-bit 48k? 16-bit 44.1k? In wav and not mp3?

What audio program are you using to record and edit your audio? GarageBand? Pro Tools? Audacity?

How big is the room you're recording in? A small room with bare walls will give off a lot of reverb. You could buy pads to put on the walls or just switch locations. Or you could use noise reduction plug-ins in your audio program to kind of get rid of some reverb but that's tough.


Good luck!

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