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Possible to get music on a show?

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First off I have to say Dragoon, you guys fuckin rule...but I'm gonna be "That fuckin Guy" and ask this here, and if you don't like me shamelessly asking this Matt or Brett, you can kindly tell me to fuck off. I'll keep listening regardless, but here it goes...


What would it take to have some music as part of the show (for transitions and intro/outro kinda stuff)


I'm talkin just ONE show. I know this aint something you guys do at all, but thought it might be worth askin if any of the following would suffice as payment/donation:


-I'll give you everything in my wallet at the time of a reply


-I'll buy everyone at I4H lunch for one month.


-How many I4H Shirts would I have to sell?


-I'll attempt to reenact by myself the entire Mad Max series and shorten it down to an 8 minute video.


-How many copies of the UCB Improv Manual would I need to gift out?


-I'll be your unpaid intern for forever


-I'll Overnight Air via UPS - Portillo's Chilli Dogs for all of I4H for the next show (Can Guarantee freshness when shipped - can't guarantee freshness upon reciept)


Sorry It's less propositions and more just like one of those schemes from middle school, like "Sell ____ Magazine subscription and you could win this bike!" or some shit like that, but I'm sure you're steppin in what I'm puttin down.


and I'm also open to suggestions obviously...

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