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U Talkin...Billy Joel? 2 me

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So I was listening to the Live from SF Sketch fest episode and it seemed like the Scotts were a bit exhausted from digging into U2 for content. Something that the Scotts had discussed doing a while back that I was hoping they would dive into is disecting a new mutually enjoyed artist's discography. I believe Scott mentioned Billy Joel and REM as possible artists.


I think this would be great for future episodes because it would provide content for jokes, bits and of course oliver subpodcasts. They can break down a full artist like Billy joel and bring back the commentary guys for slowin it down episodes. Who doesn't want to hear Todd Glass try to figure out which songs are Huey Lewis?


Maybe the Scotts could catch up on U2 News and then dive into an album from one of their selected artist for the second half, and you know I GOTTA hear what's going on with Harry Potter. They could do 10 episode easy and I know that as much as I would like to hear traditional U2 episodes I think the Scotts would be much more exciting to explore new music.


Just a thought!

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Just think of how much joy it will give the Scotts (I think Scott in particular) to be hosting a show titled after U2 and then spend the actual entire time talking about a different band.

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