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For A Few Shades More - A Fifty Shades of Grey book club

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Thought you guys might enjoy our podcast: four dudes read Fifty Shades of Grey and recap chapter-by-chapter.




We're all big fans of CBB and HDTGM fans so hopefully it's in you guys' wheelhouse. Enjoy!

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p.s. I've been listening to this all day at work. I like it! It sounds like you aren't, but I do hope you'll do the other books. My biggest note is that the episodes all end very abruptly. Not even a closing tag.

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Glad you like and thanks for the feedback. Yeah, we tried to structure them more like chapters in an audiobook so people could listen to them all in a row and put a longer closing tag on the final one.


I think we're planning on doing another one for the movie and then maybe the other books when the sequels are about to come out.

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