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Episode 73 — The Gilmore Guys, Our Close Friend

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Spunky, I have an assignment for you. Are you ready for this challenge?


EDIT: This can be for anyone: Write a very short story (one or two paragraphs) that involves two animals and a toaster.


I'm really late on this too, but I wanted to do it (I think I like getting homework on the forums)



"Are you hungry?"

"Yes, I could eat".


Dabney and Winnifred had been living together as roommates for nearly twenty years now, but, to anyone who observed them, they appeared to be merely acquaintances. Most are shocked to learn they'd been friends since high school, and roommates since they were 25.


"what would you like for breakfast?", asked Dabney. "Did you ever fix the toaster?". "Yes, Winnifred, it's been working for a while now. I can't believe I was able to fix after you toasted those flattened birds. There were feathers everywhere."



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