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zoom h4n help

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I've been trying to get my set up for recording with a zoom h4n going. I'd like to be able to record my skype calls with it but I can't seem to get it working at all. I've got a shure 57 mic plugged into the recorder, and a line from the computer to the second input on the recorder but if I'm using this set up, I can't use the mic to talk to skype. Any suggestions?

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yeah it doesn't work like that. the 57 isn't going to pass through to the computer through the input jacks. but you can just speak into the 57 mic while the person on the other end actually hears you through the computer webcam mic (just make sure skype's input is set to the webcam and the output is set to the line out). what comes out on the recording will be you on the mic on In 1 and Skype audio on In 2.

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Did you try Brett's suggestion? How did it work for you? I tried Brett's method (I also have the H4n) and I found that the line-out from the PC to the line-in on the H4n was very hot & dirty regardless of the volume / output setting on my PC. It worked fine on my friend's PC, however.


You could also just not use the H4n and record your skype conversation with Audacity.



Audacity Tutorial- How to record Skype Calls/ Game play Audio)

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