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As a Nova Scotian who deals with crushing storms that dump 60+ centimeters of snow, I wanted to share my love for summah, and share the importance that Whooch and Twooch play in my life.

We recently had a few giant storms, then rain, then had that rain freeze. Even the people who normally strive to have pristine driveways all winter were parking on blocks of ice. The snow banks are much taller than me and i'm 6'2.

I wanted to share that I'm sure my neighbours think I've lost my mind. I listen to Who and Two charted every time I shovel and I'm out there with a big smile on my face, and guffawing at the coining of such amazing terms like Grease-Trough. As a late-bloomer chartist, I'm enjoying the massive backlog that I can catch up on.

Thank you Howard, Kulap, And 'Stard. You guys help me take on old man wintah, and remind me the summah is just around the corner.


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