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I am very new to podcasting, so please be kind. My show is not live, it is pre recorded. We would like to have guest call in via the phone or Skype. I will show you a picture of my mixer and I would like someone to explain to me in layman's terms how to make that happen. I would prefer to be able to do this from my iphone, I do not have a second computer. Somehow plug it into the mixer so my co-host and I can hear the caller, the caller can hear us through our microphones (we use channels one and two) and it all goes into Audacity. I have looked this subject up and just do not understand how to make it happen with the equipment I have. The port on an iphone is for headphones only as far as I can tell. Keep in mind that I am on a very tight budget and would appreciate a low cost solution. If not, please tell me the answer, whatever it may be. Is there a simple cord that will do all this? I have zero idea and have become desperate! Haha. Thank you.


Elijah Grimes

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I only know my behringer 802 mixer, but the 3rd of the 4 inputs on the board, besides the two microphone inputs, is a left/right 1/4" input. You can get a cable that is 1/4" left/right on one end and a 3/8" input on the other end. They should cost less than 10 bucks and the 3/8" input can plug right into your iPhone or iPad. I use the Skype app on my iPad with headphones plugged into the board, because I like the sound quality of Skype a lot better than a regular phone call.


The other option, if your guest has professional equipment, is to call them on the phone using your earbuds and both of you individually record your own disembodied audio track in your individual recording spaces, and then have your guest email you the exported MP3 file. You can edit them together by like counting down together so that you know where the audio lines up. I recommend using your headphones so that each track is clean; you want to use this method so that both of you sound professional at a distance, and nothing ruins that like a speakerphone in the background with lag.

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