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EPISODE 128 — Spiderhana

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I mean, really, what kind of a soulless, miserable wretch of a human being would directly mock someone to their face about their disability?


Unfortunately it's the internet, where you can hide behind a faceless avatar and spew whatever venom you wish. Best idea is to never take anything directed to you on a forum personally... because most likely its not personal, there's no face-to-face connection. The person hurling the insult would most likely never think of saying such things to your face if this interaction was happening in person, so with that in mind it doesn't have to have any impact on you in your life outside of here.


Keep on with your DM advice, its fun to read (even tho when its too long winded i tend to skip most of it). Do what you do.

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Don't let bastards get you down. Otherwise the terrorists win :-)

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Oh wow, I'm genuinely sorry. I meant because your posts are so long that they scared me. I have my own mental health issues and wasn't even considering that to be a threat. Just thought I'd stop by and apologize since you seem genuinely hurt on a level I hadn't expected.


I stand by most of my other comments though. I mean, I DO think there is harm in posting all that stuff. It gets up everyone's hope that someone WILL listen. I think it probably makes them want to stop reading the forums.

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Personally I really enjoy GMSarli's posts I read them thoroughly and learn a lot. I learn so much that I feel embarrassed ( have a bunch of very unprofessional dungeons and dragons experience already).


It's also a cool thing to jump up and say you got the backs of the people you like/admire. Probably mostly accidental throat biting and turning salty after going on here.


Try to remember the stakes aren't high here, I can't speak for them but in my delusions there are two points:

- Nerd poker guys may or may not take advise for sake of getting to enjoy not pushing themselves for a bit.

- Their feelings probably won't get very hurt because anyone with an aim for fame either has rhino thick skin or is a masochist. (Pretty sure at least one of those is a resume requirement) just don't intentionally try to be dicks to them they're humans, or at least humanoid.


Keep up your tact guys.

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