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Bringing it into Summah 2015

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As we enter into this new summah, lets throw down some top 5's for what's good for enjoying the change in season


5. Nico Gomez and his Afro Percussion Inc - Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! (1971)

Someone showed me this recently, it's some Dutch guy? Some really groovin stuff tho.




Was trading songs back and forth this one, got onto the subject of popular samples. I had no idea that this is where DJ Shadow got his sample for Mutual Slump, and then that the song that followed would be so cool.




This is some Finnish band from an album last year, I don't know how to say their name but this song is fun.




I keep meaning to check out this guy's old band, Yellow Magic Orchestra, but I heard this a few years ago and it's always been fun to pull out once things get nice outside.




This is just a jam.

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