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Holy Crackers--Kyle's Huge!! And he signed my tiny calf!!

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Saw Kyle in Minneapolis tonight, June 10, 2015. It lived up to the hype! Like most of us, in addition to anticipating the epic pizza eating contest, I've been stupidly excitied about the athletic competitions for this summer, especially the arm wrestling. Kyle promised us the biggest summer ever, and everyone doubted him. Boy, were we all fools!


Kyle's huge! He's clearly been hittin' the peck-deck like a mofo! He's milkin' his bi's, and torturin' his tri's. The guy's a fuckin' beast! I pity the fool who challenges Kyle.


He also did a body rap, all while the sound engineer held up his hands to show he wasn't playing a backing track....I still think there was a full band behind the stage curtain, but I can't prove it. There's NO WAY all that came from JUST from his body!


Anyway, I know this sounds too amazing to be true, but I have proof. True to his promise, Kyle is huge while refusing to work out his tiny calves. He honoured me by complimeting and signing my tiny calf!



Thanks for the show Kyle, and cheers Blasternauts!


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BTW: Kyle said it was the first time someone had asked him to sign a tiny calf. I got the feeling he wouldn't mind this happening more often...


Hop to it, tiny-calved Blasternauts!

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