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Some June Streaming Options

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Just thought I'd put out a list for anybody looking for some films that make you ask How Did This Get Made?:


(* = covered in HDTGM episode)



Age of Dinosaurs

*Bad Ass

The Colony



Death Warrant

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

*In the Name of the King

*Lake Placid

Left Behind (CAGE ALERT!)

Left Behind The Movie (Kirk Cameron's 2000 epic)

*Leprechaun In the Hood

Little Man

*Mortal Kombat

National Treasure (CAGE ALERT!)

Rage (CAGE ALERT! Cage in Rage!)

Seal Team 8


Transformers: Age of Extinction

*Trespass (CAGE ALERT!)

Welcome to the Jungle



Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle

Agent Cody Banks

Broken Arrow


Class Act

Cop & A Half

*Deck The Halls


*Fast & Furious 6

Inspector Gadget

*Jingle All The Way

Legend Of Hercules

The Marine



*Stop or My Mom Will Shoot

The Truth About Charlie

Two of A Kind



(note - Hulu has a TON of Asylumish movies like "Atlantic Rim" and "10.0 Earthquake". I'm listing ones with reallly shitty Rotten Tomatoes scores)

The Chaperone

The Colony

Fire on the Amazon

*Road House


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Streaming June sounds like a worse option than sykpe June.

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Literally thought you meant movies June was in that are on Netflix. Ass Backwards is still streaming AFAIK

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Thanks for putting the list together. V. Helpful!

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