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This movie Pieces (1983) may be the best horror movie ever made. June might not want to do this very upsetting film, but I can only imagine Jason's comments. And the reviews on Amazon are solid for Second Opinions. The horror movies episodes are some of HDTGM's finest, and I know they'd knock this one out of the park.



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For MST3K fans, it's directed by and starring the same people as Pod People. Crazy movie, especially the "kung fu" scene.

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Guys! Guys! You guys! I just watched this and it is amazing. I haven't been on these boards in a long time, but once I saw this movie...


OK, here's a review I wrote in another forum.


I feel like Eli Roth somehow willed this movie into existence. This is a wonderfully bad exploitation slasher flick. I mean, super bad and super great because of it. The film is largely dubbed despite the cast of English speakers (mostly, I think), which looks really weird. I mean, some times it dubbing but matches perfectly with the lip sync and sometimes it's clearly off. The film has some red herrings, the biggest and most wonderful being Willard, the caretaker, who does all he can to be weird and suspicious. Also, there's the bad acting, the clearly unhealthy view of women (most of them feel like they are around to be gawked at, screwed or slaughtered and that includes the "strong" female lead) and just the weirdness of the whole thing.


The three best scenes:


1. The strong female undercover cop is stalking around the university campus where people are getting killed. You think she might run into the killer. Then this happens.



I should also tell you, this scene makes LESS SENSE IN CONTEXT!


2. The ending. It won't be a spoiler to tell you the killer's end game was to use the pieces of women he collected to make some kind of doll. He's not Frankenstein or anything, he's just sowing body parts together. After our heroes kill the villain, they decide to leave the room with the mosaic corpse in it. Then the corpse just ups and claws his groin bloody while the lead character makes a stupid face. The end.


3. This.



This movie is a bad movie delight.


I'm sure they've already selected and watched their Halloween movie but maybe for next year... PLEASE DO PIECES!

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It's on Amazon through the Shudder Channel and it's insane. It's the perfect mix of crazy "normal" moments and then over-the-top gore and violence. The opening scene alone would make this great for the show.

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