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Earwolf Fans in Chicago

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My girlfriend and I are moving to Chicago, the Ravenswood area, in July with zero friends and family out there and are looking to find some friends. Who better to become friends with that other Earwolf fans?! We're in our early 20's, lookin' for dads ; ) Not really, but won't exclude dads ; ) I love CBB, Sklar Bros, Fogelnest Files, Apple Sisters, and Who Charted. We're trying to have a summah!!!


I'm also an audio engineer looking for any bands/rappers/singer-songwriters to work with in Chicago. I've been described as "The best in town" in my hometown by many of the people I work with and my rates have been called "Too low/We're not complaining but you should charge more" by all the musicians I work with besides all the rappers I engineer because they're rappers. So if you or anyone you know is interested in any music work don't be afraid to contact me at marshlandmonster@yahoo.com

Portfolio: marshlandmusic.tumblr.com

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