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Season 2 plot(?) theory

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If you've been following the band of adventurers you know that some earth shattering event has tainted the lands, causing everything and everyone to be 'roided out and of the lands respective color.

I think the event was caused by...


...wait for it...



The chromatic dragons are all assholes, and the colors so far have responded with the lands "flavor"

Red dragons have fire, while blue have lightning. So does everything of the chromatic lands.


There could have been a council of powerful dragons that poisoned the land with their essence.


This could prove hopeful for the gold lands though, as gold dragons are usually good, and hopefully, if my theory is correct, could prove a peaceful place for our favorite adventuring assholes to have some sanctuary.


What are your theory's about what the hell is happening, and how does my theory stack up with what you guys know about the campaign so far?

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Hail - Well it might be dragons - Blue Dragons breath Lightning so that kinda ties in but I was under the impression that it had something to do with the properties of light




Meaning that whatever has caused this broken land is probably where the White/golden light is.

Dont know how the Fish people,Drow or Derro mushroom farmers fit into all of this - I guess time will tell

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I've got an inkling that this recent magical blip will be the first step towards unlocking the mystery- don't forget that the first tunnel (from so many weeks ago) had a multi-colored delta system, one from each color we've seen so far.

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