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Any interest in an episode of U2UTM with Acrobat?

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During the concert in Toronto on July 6th, local U2 tribute band "Acrobat" got up on stage and played Desire while U2 left the stage to watch. Bono came back up to do a harmonica duet with the


Rollingstone and many other news orgs did interviews with the band afterward.






Full disclosure, Gabrielvox is my brother and I shot this video. See for yourself



At the end, Bono said "It's nice to meet you finally, I love your early stuff" LOL


These guys are fantastic gentlemen and U2 megafans of the highest order, and I think they'd be willing to come on the podcast. I know we could all use a new episode too.


Bonus: the bassist, Mark "u2brothr" Baker, made a documentary last year about his quest to get up on stage with U2:


Although at the time of the documentary finish, he had not reached that goal, it has happened twice now in the span of a month. See this clip of u2brothr dancing with Bono, rocking him like a baby



I tried tweeting at Scott and Scott but I got no reply. Anyone interested in the Scotts doing an episode on this and potentially wrapping it into a u2brothr documentary discussion?


Help me get their attention by posting in this thread!

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