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Episode 1623 - Scott Aukerman

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The Blues Brothers run reminds me that in not too many years when my generation reaches an age where we have teenaged kids, we're going to let nostalgia get the best of us and will subject them to movies like Office Space, Napoleon Dynamite, and Austin Powers, and they'll have to pretend they're really funny and didn't age terribly JUST LIKE my generation had to do when our parents made us watch movies like Animal House, Blues Brothers, and Caddyshack...


Caddyshack is a classic! Sure a few of the scenes are such well worn movie cliches with bad teenage actors, but the Chevy Chase lines and Dangerfield bits I never pretended were funny.


I had forgotten what a movie of its time Office Space is until I saw it again recently because I forgot that the plot revolves around the Y2K fix

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"That one song still haunts me."


"Is it 'Boo, I'm a Ghost'?"


100% pure Saucerman.

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Fun episode! Really liked seeing how good friends Scott and Jimmy are. Similar to an 80s kid's McDonald's birthday party, you really know who someone's best friends are by who they invite to meet U2 backstage.

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