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Best way to record a Podcast?

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Me and my buddy want to start a podcast. We both have macs, and want to record a podcast through face time audio because we will not be in the same room. I also have logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro from my other endeavors. Can someone tell me the ideal way to get this accomplished, and I'll figure out the rest? Thanks.

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I have a pc so I can't offer you probably the best advice. Call Recorder is a paid program for macs to record face time (they offer one for skype as well). You might be able to find a free option to record using face time if you google.


I use a free program for windows to record skype calls for my podcast. You have to adjust the levels of the two different voices to even them out, but its not hard to do.


If you are recording using your Macs internal mics you might have some issues with sound quality. I'd recommend getting a mic or at least a pop filter. I didn't have one for the first few episodes of our show and it was a pain to edited out all the background noises.

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