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I watched a movie this weekend because it was written, directed, and starring Robert Duvall and co-starring James Franco and Josh Hartnett. I thought, "how bad could this be?" Well, it turns out pretty bad.

I feel like the entire budget was wasted on Franco and Hartnett, because a large portion of the people with dialogue don't even have IMDB pages. They constantly trip over each other like a bad play were one will start in with their dialogue when the other person takes a long pause, and then the person taking the long pause immediately jumps in and interrupts the person who just started talking. It's one of those movies where you really wonder what all the other takes looked like because these were so bad. And the female lead appears to start off with trying to do a Texas accent and by the end of the film is totally Argentinian.

The action shots, which are one car chase and then cops speeding to drug deal, are obviously sped up film. Like the people casually drove cars at 30 mphs and then they just fast forwarded the film for those scenes. They look awful.

One of the worst things about this film though is that there are some really great scenes. Like when it is just Franco and Duvall, or Franco and Hartnett and some other guy who apparently is their older brother, those scenes are actually nice and they seem like there is a fifteen minute great short film about a Texas family loving and accepting their gay son (kinda). But the rest of plot is awkward and vague and feels unnecessary. So about an hour and twenty minutes probably should've been cut.

Oh, and the title, I have no idea what that was for. Also the ending which is vague and pointless. So much you could go over on this awful film.

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