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Tom Scharpling talks PFT

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I know the relationship (or lack-their-of) between the two is of interest to some. Here is Tom's reply to being asked about it during today's Reddit AMA session:


I had no idea anybody would ask about this. Just kidding.

I’m not gonna give specifics on anything between me and PFT because that’s our business but trust me, it’s SO much less interesting than you could ever imagine. Just real life stuff that happens in real life.

People occasionally stop talking to each other. It happens. I would be shocked if anybody reading this didn’t have anyone in their life that they’re currently not talking to for whatever reason.

I will say that Paul is and will always be one of the funniest people I have ever seen, both as a fan and as a guest on the show, and he’s a seriously decent and good guy. I want nothing but the best for him in every way, and I’ll always be grateful for the laffs that we made together.

And PLEASE leave him alone about this stuff. And while you’re at it, leave me alone about it too! You got your answer, you vultures!


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