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Radio Free Albemuth (2014)

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Oh my god, this movie. It's based on a novel by Phillip K. Dick that was published posthumously in 1985. With its predictions about an encroaching police state it should seem scathing and prescient in these post-Patriot Act days, instead it seems groggy. It's a movie about oppression, subversion and injustice but nobody ever raises their voice. I've heard more heated discussions about barbecue methods.


Alanis Morissette plays the female lead and has possibly the best line of dialogue. When asked if she's afraid, she replies, “I would be if it weren’t for Fire Bright. That’s how I refer to the plasmatic entity within me.”


Also that scary evil light bulb fish from Finding Nemo makes a cameo appearance.


So if you ever wanted to see what political insurrection looks like when all the participants are abusing cough syrup, here's your movie! (Bonus: It's streaming on Netflix!)


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